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Spanish Verb Mastery Tutorial: Spanish Verbs Like Gustar


Spanish Verbs Like Gustar:

This Spanish Verb Mastery Tutorial will tell you what you need to know to conjugate Spanish Verbs Like Gustar.

There is a group of verbs that uses indirect object pronouns. The most popular or frequently used verb in this group is “gustar” (to like, to be pleasing); therefore, this group is commonly referred to as “Verbs Like Gustar.” The verb gustar is a regular -ar ending verb, but other regular and irregular verbs are used like gustar. Only the third person singular or plural forms are used because the person, place, or thing that is pleasing/liked (the object), will be either singular or plural: “it” or “they.” The object pronoun that comes before it (me, te, le, les, nos, os) communicates “to whom the object is pleasing.”

 The indirect object pronouns precede ONLY the third person singular or plural forms:

        me  -  before gusta/ is/they are pleasing to me: I like

        te -  before gusta/ is/they are pleasing to you: you (inf.) like

        le -  before gusta/ is/they are pleasing to him, her, you: he likes, she likes, you (f.) like

        les -  before gusta/ is/they are pleasing to them, you all: they, you all (f. & inf.) like

        nos -  before gusta/ is/they are pleasing to us: we like

        os -  before gusta/ is/they are pleasing to you all: you all (inf.) like

For emphasis, prepositional phrases are commonly used with Spanish verbs like gustar:

       a mí me gusta(n)

       a ti te gusta(n)

       a él; a ella; a Ud.; a (name) le gusta(n)

       a ellos; a ellas; a (name) y (name); a Uds.; a Ud. y (name) les gusta(n)

       a nosotros/as; a (name) y yo nos gusta(n)

       a vosotros/as; a ti y a (name) os gusta(n)

Verbs Like Gustar can be used in other tenses besides the present tense. See the reference page VLG for all of the tenses. Here is the irregular verb “parecer” (to seem) in the present tense as a Verb Like Gustar:

       me parece  (it seems to me).................... me parecen (they seem to me)

       te parece (it seems to you)...................... te parecen (they seem to you)

       le parece (it seems to him, her, you (f.)....le parecen (they seem to him, her, you (f.)

       les parece (it seems to them, you all)......les parecen (they seem to them, you all)

       nos parece (it seems to us).....................nos parecen (they seem to us)

       os parece (it seems to you all).................os parecen (they seem to you all)

Please note, if the object is a verb, “to dance” for example, use only the singular third person form (gusta, without an “n”) with the infinitive of the verb (bailar): “I like to dance.” (Me gusta bailar.)

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(This tutorial was excerpted from The Spanish Verb Conjugator: The Beginner's Guide to Mastering Spanish Verbs. Copyright Roche Publishing.)