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Learning Spanish: 5 Reasons Why Rosetta Stone is Worth The Money

Rosetta Stone’s method of learning Spanish is to “unlock your natural ability to learn a language the same way you learned your first.” This approach meshes entirely with my own philosophy of learning Spanish. You should choose a method that resonates with your individual learning style and lifestyle. It's impossible for one program to meet the needs of all language learners, but Rosetta Stone comes pretty close in my opinion. It’s leaps and bounds beyond the classroom environment where ‘one size fits all.’ 

By the way, did you know that there really is a stone called the Rosetta Stone? It's a slab of basalt rock discovered in 1799 that was inscribed in three languages: Greek, demotic (whatever that is), and hieroglyphics (Ancient Egyptian writing and numbering system). The inscription of each language says the same thing, so it provided Jean-Francois Champollion the key to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics. For the first time, he opened the door to the ancient Egyptian language. The term “Rosetta Stone” has since been used to describe something that is like a key to unlock a mystery. In my opinion, you couldn’t ask for a better symbol as a trademark for a foreign language program.

I have come across diverse opinions of the Rosetta Stone computer program for learning Spanish, and it seems every review eventually comes around to the price of the program. This has inspired me to share five reasons why I think Rosetta Stone is actually a pretty good deal because it accomplishes what other programs and classes for learning Spanish do not...

1. It’s a Comprehensive Spanish Language Program That is a Virtual Bargain Compared to Tuition

High school Spanish classes in public schools are free, but rarely do we emerge from high school fluent in a foreign language. If you are serious about learning Spanish, there will be an investment of time and money involved.

From my estimation, if you were to study for just an hour a day with Rosetta Stone’s computer program for learning Spanish, you would have a year’s worth of study included in levels 1, 2, and 3. Each level would take about four months if you went through each lesson. I’ve also read that each level of Rosetta Stone is equivalent to about one college semester.

You don’t want to know how much I ended up paying for college tuition to obtain my degree in Spanish. I went for the long haul, but quality Spanish classes or a tutor would cost you far more than Rosetta Stone’s levels 1 through 3. Note: you would be considered an advanced beginner at the end of level 3. There are two additional levels, 4 and 5, which would most likely bring you to the advanced intermediate level of proficiency.

2. It’s an Intuitive Spanish Language Program that fits individual learning styles

Content is presented visually, with and without accompanying text, through a trial and error selection process, so it becomes an intuitive program for learning Spanish. Vocabulary is gradually introduced through associating Spanish words with pictures. You start out with vocabulary words and work up to phrases and complete sentences as you build language skills through pattern recognition similar to native language development.

With a very thorough system for tracking your progress, you can focus on weak areas and skim over strong areas to individualize your program for learning Spanish. If you have studied Spanish before, you can enter the program to match your current skill level. Level 1 gets you going on the basics. Level 2 introduces conversation, and then Level 3 pulls things together and picks up the pace. It’s a cumulative effect like all skill-building processes.

3. All 4 Language Skills are included: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking 

To develop your listening comprehension skills in Spanish, Rosetta Stone uses native Spanish speakers in their audio and video if you have the newest version (3). By using a microphone that is provided to plug into your computer, there's a voice recognition feature to help you develop speaking skills through proper pronunciation. That’s pretty close to having a private tutor!

Reading and writing skills are incorporated through basic exercises that focus on a combination of skills. Just about any language program for learning Spanish incorporates reading and writing, but very few, if any, can offer the necessary guidance and attention to developing your pronunciation and listening comprehension skills as Rosetta Stone. 

4. It’s a Spanish Language Program That Includes Immersion

Like the way we learn our native language, Rosetta Stone is designed to teach Spanish without any translation into English. This provides immersion in the target language which is the ultimate goal of any language program for learning Spanish.

The immersion element of Rosetta Stone’s program for learning Spanish is like the foundation of language skills we received at home before we entered school to learn to read and write. It is replicating the natural way we learned our native language. But I want to be clear that I also believe it is important to supplement (add to) Rosetta Stone with materials that help you understand language structures (See #5 below).

5. It Provides a Natural Foundation to Build On

Rosetta Stone provides a foundation to learning Spanish through proper pronunciation, listening skills, and conversation. There will come a time, however, when you will want to dig into some grammar to start organizing Spanish language patterns. That is one complaint I have heard about Rosetta Stone, it can be almost too natural. 

I suggest supplementing Rosetta Stone with some reference materials, and at some point you should introduce a beginning reader. (See my previous blog post about the benefits of reading to advance your language skills: Reading is The Glue That Makes it All Stick Together.)

Grammar is introduced in the third level, but at any time you can supplement the Rosetta Stone program with reference materials: a Spanish-English dictionary, a Spanish verb guide, and possibly Spanish vocabulary flash cards. I also like those laminated Spanish grammar summaries that outline the most important grammatical topics. You could keep that handy as you progress through the lessons. See my recommended reference materials in the widget to the right (as you scroll down). You can supplement however you choose and rest assured that the Rosetta Stone program for learning Spanish provides a solid foundation that is closest to the way you learned your native language.

Payment Options for Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone provides a 6-month 100% money back guarantee only when you buy the software directly from them. They also offer a test drive option so you can see what it's like before purchasing. Here's the direct link to Rosetta Stone to access these options and where you will also find descriptions of each level (Note the Test Drive option is under the "How It Works" tab):

Rosetta Stone Spanish Language Learning Program

They really make it easy to try before you purchase, and you even have an ample window of time to get reimbursed if you don’t like it. There’s no denying they are a foreign language industry standard in the fields of education, government, and homeschooling. It comes down to quality, and history proves that Rosetta Stone is the best computer program available if you are serious about learning Spanish. You can use it as a self-study program or to really enhance and augment your Spanish classes.

Perhaps negative feedback about the price of the program is a sign that one is not entirely ready to follow through with learning Spanish. Putting the idea of learning Spanish into a plan of action is a commitment, and like all important decisions in life–they usually come with a price tag.

Through you can save over $20 on Level 1; or $50.00 on Levels 1-3; or $70.00 for Levels 1-5, you can choose one of the Spanish Software Packages available below for the most economical prices; you will also qualify for free shipping (Note that in exchange for the savings, the money back guarantee will not apply if you order through

Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin America) Level 1 with Audio Companion 

Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin America) Level 1, 2 & 3 Set with Audio Companion

Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin America) Level 1,2,3,4 & 5 Set with Audio Companion

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    Learning Spanish: 5 Reasons Why Rosetta Stone is Worth The
  • Response
    Learning Spanish: 5 Reasons Why Rosetta Stone is Worth The
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    Learning Spanish: 5 Reasons Why Rosetta Stone is Worth The
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    Learning Spanish: 5 Reasons Why Rosetta Stone is Worth The
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    Learning Spanish: 5 Reasons Why Rosetta Stone is Worth The
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    Learning Spanish: 5 Reasons Why Rosetta Stone is Worth The
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    Learning Spanish: 5 Reasons Why Rosetta Stone is Worth The

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I have found a good working version here :
Windows Version :

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It really helped me a lot so i decided to buy it after trying it out!

May 29, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterGoran

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